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Topics include analysis of financial statements and ratio, strategic, prospective, equity, and credit analysis.

This course presumes an understanding of accounting principles in order to successfully master the course content.

An in-depth study of accounting for investing and financing activities, leases, income taxes, and pensions.

Prerequisite: ACCT 211 with a minimum grade of B And ACCT 212 with a minimum grade of BView Book Information ACCT 310 (3-3-0) Managerial Accounting: A continuation of ACCT 212.

A study of cost terms; cost behavior; systems design; and the analysis, interpretation, and application of accounting data by management.

A study of the basic concepts of accounting, the accounting cycle and preparation of financial statements, and the analysis and recording of transactions for operating, investing, and financing activities.

Prerequisite: MATH 121 Or MATH 123View Book Information ACCT 212 (3-3-0) Principles of Accounting II: An introduction to managerial accounting.

While some accounting concepts may be reviewed, this course is about the analysis and evaluation of financial information based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.