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Louis) to discuss places of residence (a taboo topic on a children’s website).

I want to be clear that I am not criticizing Petpet Park.

When I heard the reporter say his name, though, I looked a bit more closely and then I realised it was him. I was really surprised, because we were never really friends when we were at school together. The next thing I knew, I was ringing the TV station who’d run the report.

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In fact, I was impressed that this discussion was almost immediately shut down by a live monitor (booting the over-sharing child off the server), but this behavior is quite common and the damage could be done before a monitor steps in.

Here are some common ways that I’ve seen children getting around the rules: The point that I want to make is that no online community is going to be 100% safe.

Also, the media have actually put a lot of pressure on us.

I know Abdullah doesn’t see it this way, but even now it still makes me angry the way the papers and the TV people treat people. Here was this completely broken man, living on the streets. And then they got back into their big cars and drove off, leaving him to go back to that awful hostel.

The other thing to remember is that no online filter will ever be able to enforce empathy and kind interaction online or be able to protect the child from being excluded or hurt by others.