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Anyone who’s watched Grosso’s series ‘Love letters to skateboarding’(for the minority that may not have, stop right now and go watch a couple of episodes before proceeding) would naturally assume that he’s both hilarious but also possibly fairly intimidating due by his no bullshit persona. ” Nah it was three days, we went, we shot a little skateboarding; we got what we got.It turns out though that whatever caricature the show paints of him isn’t in any way over the top; it’s a truly honest depiction and Jeff is every bit as funny and no holds barred as he appears on Loveletters. [Jeff picks up my sheet of questions.] Okay, sorted. One my friends said that he felt Greg was trying to put across a similar vibe to Public Domain [1988] with the intro to Propeller.

I don’t think you really learn much from this video about how Iggy Azalea’s going to change your life. But still no clarification on how my little existence might be transformed by Iggy’s.

And that she likes white suits worthy of Bette from the L Word.

Long live the waffle sole, the side stripe, the toe bumper and the red heel patch with “Off The Wall” that is always barely visible after months of skating the same pair of Vans. I double record everything to be safe and my dictaphone is playing up. Particularly the way that section was filmed from the very bottom of the ramp.

Finally, long live piss-taking: skateboarding’s most intimate love affair. How accurate do you think that is or would you say that’s pure coincidence? (Laughs) Who fucking knows man, you’d have to ask Greg Hunt! We interviewed Greg for Loveletters this season, we’re doing an episode on skate videos, and I think he talks about getting into skateboarding through Animal Chin [1987] and that stuff so it may have influenced him and you’re probably right.

“Please buy my shoe.” Everybody thought it was really funny and somebody was like, “They should give him a show” so Vans called me and they were doing Off The Wall TV. Is it surprising how well people respond to the Loveletters and to be doing it this far down the line?