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The only other potential settlement at issue was a ,989 payment made by the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation’s Services to the Blind to Ronald Bussen in 2007.

Sandoval said he is seeking more information on the matter.

The other issue raised in the report is the large settlements paid by the Department of Transportation to resolve claims by contractors.

Rudy Malfabon, deputy director for NDOT in Southern Nevada, said there was an issue of confidentiality in the Sanseverino matter.

“Obviously the direction would be given to NDOT to bring those up to this board for approval in the future, he said.

He has also made it a point to attend Nevada National Guard deployments and the return of the troops from overseas at every opportunity. Retired state archivist and Carson City resident Guy Rocha said he has not been following Sandoval’s every move as governor, but noted that his style may be hearkening back to the late Gov.

Sandoval said his approach to the governorship is the same he has used in his many other positions, from his two terms in the Assembly in the 1990s, to his time as Nevada Attorney General, chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission and as a U. Mike O’Callaghan, another chief executive who was intimately involved in the day-to-day running of state government.

“In cases of construction claims they typically are negotiated by NDOT and settled and not brought to the Transportation Board,” he said.