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The term “alcoholic beverage” shall not include a liquid or solid containing less than one-half of 1% of alcohol by volume.

“Applicant” means, as the context requires, the individual applicant, each member of an applicant partnership or limited liability company, or each of the principal officers, directors, and shareholders of an applicant corporation, or, if other than an individual, the applicant entity.

“Settlement conference” means a meeting between the applicant and the protestants held for the purpose of discussing and resolving, where possible, the objections raised by the protestants (known in regulation as a mediation). May offer entertainment, except nude performances, and offer facilities for dancing for patrons only with an entertainment endorsement and may have recorded and background music without an entertainment endorsement; and “Valid identification document” means an official identification issued by an agency of government (local, state, federal, or foreign) containing, at a minimum, the name, date of birth, signature, and photograph of the bearer.

“Southeast Federal Center” means the area as defined in section 2 of the Southeast Federal Center Public-Private Development Act of 2000, approved November 1, 2000 (Pub. “Wine” means an alcoholic beverage containing not more than 15% alcohol by volume obtained by the fermentation of the natural sugar content of fruits or other agricultural products containing sugar whether or not other ingredients are added.

Law 18-111, § 2082(n)(1), 57 DCR 181; July 2, 2011, D.